Secured VPN Solutions

For all users, Techsoft offers a safe VPN solution. A virtual private network, or VPN, is one that is created by connecting to a private network like an organization’s internal network across public lines, most often the Internet.
The ability to build networks utilizing the Internet as the data transmission method is provided by a number of technologies. In order to protect the network from unauthorized users and to prevent data eavesdropping, these systems employ encryption and other security measures.

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What a VPN Is, Why You Need One, and How It Can Help You

Simply using a VPN to access resources on a network that you are not physically connected to will not improve your security. Different things depend on what you decide to do with a VPN. Users of VPNs typically fall into one of the following groups:

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Student/Office Worker

In order to access network resources when at home or on the go, this person uses a VPN that their school or employer provides because they have obligations to attend to. This user is typically already receiving a free VPN service, so they aren’t really browsing around. Additionally, if customers have security concerns, they can always activate their VPN when using the free WiFi at an airport or café to make sure no one is watching their connection.

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The security and privacy enthusiast

This person uses VPN services to keep their conversations secret, encrypted, and hidden from prying eyes whether they’re at home or abroad, whether they’re in a strictly regulated environment or a completely free and open one.
Unsecured connections indicate to them that someone is listening to what you say.

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