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One of the certified server installation specialists at Techsoft Solutions will do a technological assessment before delivering a network server implementation strategy. A cost-effective, dependable, and expandable network architecture will be part of it. The foundation of your network is your server, therefore it’s essential to outfit it with hardware and software that are ideal for your office computing requirements. Let us manage your technology so that you can focus on running your business.

On-site Technology Assessment

Microsoft Server 2016 | 2019 Setup, Support and Administration
VMware  Virtualization Installation
Microsoft Hyper-V Installation
Small Business Server Essentials Installation

server techsoft
server techsoft

The servers used to centralize data and manage information are one of the most important parts of any business’ information technology infrastructure. Businesses must make sure their servers are operating at peak efficiency as they depend more and more on information technology to get better results. Unexpected server failures result in interrupted corporate operations and lower productivity. For small and medium-sized organizations, we are the “go-to” provider for all server-related issues. The management of servers and information technology as a small or medium business could prove challenging, particularly in the absence of educated human resources.

The following problems could affect any small business whose primary business activity is not information technology:

Increased operating costs as a result of ineffective resource planning and management.
High-security dangers posed by ransomware attacks include the possibility of data loss or theft.
Increasing employee absences and unplanned server failure

Why do you hire us?

Our engineers have years of experience managing, consulting, and putting server solutions into place for a variety of businesses with various server administration needs.

The following advantages of using our services are assured.

Regular server maintenance, data backup, and optimization.
Regularly planned server and operating system upgrades.
Support for servers and software for all use case situations to meet your unique information technology needs for business.
Using real-time monitoring, problems that could negatively impact corporate productivity are proactively avoided.
Implementing virtualization technology at the planning process for your servers will provide optimal optimization by properly compartmentalising services and functions.

server techsoft
server techsoft

You should assess how to manage this in relation to your server if your business’s needs have changed, it is expanding, or the network has slowed down. To get all the details and materials needed to make your company successful, get in touch with us right now.

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